Roaming around Rome


Its name meaning “across the Tiber”, this right-bank district is home to restaurants, artists’ studios, and increasing gentrification.

Rione: Trastevere

Nearby places

  1. LUCIANO Cucina Italiana (879 m)
  2. Jewish Quarter (893 m)
  3. Piazza Navona (1.2 km)
  4. Piazzale Caffarelli (1.2 km)
  5. Chiesa del Gesù (1.2 km)

A Pulcinella performance takes place on the Janiculum Hill. Pulcinella is the basis for the British “Punch and Judy” tradition.

Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere.

Via della Lungaretta, Trastevere.

The Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere.

An artist’s studio on Vicolo del Bologna, in Trastevere.

The Chiesa di San Giovanni della Malva in Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, Trastevere. The church is the Albanian national church in Rome.