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Lateran Palace

Located on the Caelian Hill, the Lateran Palace occupies a site that was home to ancient palaces. It became the residence of the pope from the fourth century until it was destroyed by fire in the 14th century. When the popes returned from Avignon to Rome, they ultimately settled in the Vatican rather than the Lateran Palace, but the Lateran was rebuilt in sumptuous style in the 16th century, and it’s this building that remains.

Nearby places

  1. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (954 m)
  2. Colosseum (1.2 km)
  3. Fast and Furious (1.2 km)
  4. Basilica di Santa Prassede (1.2 km)
  5. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (1.3 km)

The Lateran Palace, for around a thousand years the principal residence of the popes.

The broader Lateran Palace complex.