Roaming around Rome


The largest and most famous ancient amphitheatre in the world, built by three successive emperors of the Flavian dynasty and home to gladiatorial combat and mass entertainment.

Rione: Monti

Nearby places

  1. Palatine Hill (497 m)
  2. Monti (537 m)
  3. Fatamorgana (600 m)
  4. Forum (631 m)
  5. Fast and Furious (670 m)

The Colosseum from Via Nicola Salvi.

The Colosseum from Via degli Annibaldi.

The Colosseum from the Lateran Palace.

The Colosseum at dusk.

The Colosseum and the Temple of Venus and Rome, from the middle level of the Vittoriano.

The Colosseum viewed from Ristorante Aroma.