Roaming around Rome


The first rione of Rome; an upscale district of restaurants, bars, and artisanal workshops.

Rione: Monti

Nearby places

  1. Fatamorgana (143 m)
  2. Fast and Furious (453 m)
  3. Viminal Palace (491 m)
  4. Colosseum (537 m)
  5. Basilica di Santa Prassede (587 m)

The Scalinata dei Borgia, or “Staircase of the Borgias”, in Monti.

The Torrei dei Capocci, at the eastern end of Monti. Built in the 12th century, it was a defensive tower, guarding the Esquiline Hill.

One of Rome’s distinctive “nasone” water fountains. The name means “big nose”.

A Cinquecento.

One of Monti’s narrow and cobbled streets.