Roaming around Rome

Palatine Hill

The hill on which the city was – both mythically and archeologically – founded. Home to emperors and elites for centuries.

Rione: Campitelli

Nearby places

  1. Forum (454 m)
  2. Colosseum (497 m)
  3. Capitoline Hill (642 m)
  4. Piazzale Caffarelli (676 m)
  5. Altare della Patria (766 m)

The “stadium” park on the Palatine Hill. It’s not really known what this was for: perhaps a pleasure garden for emperors to walk around; perhaps a place to exercise or even race horses.

The Church of San Bonaventura al Palatino, atop the Palatine Hill.

The new fountain in the Domus Augustana, flowing since September 2021 and looking very beautiful.

The ruins of the Palatine Hill.