Roaming around Rome

  1. Terme di Diocleziano

    Museum housed in the former Baths of Diocletian, once the city’s largest public baths.

  2. Palazzo Massimo

    An incredible collection of ancient statues, mosaics and coins, housed in a Renaissance palazzo.

  3. Vatican Museums

    The expansive art collection of the Vatican, with world-class collections of paintings, sculpture, tapestry and books from the ancient world to the modern.

  4. Scegliamo la Vita

    A pro-life protest that marched through Rome.

  5. Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano

    Perhaps the most important church in all of Christendom, at the heart of the Vatican.

  6. Piazza Navona

    Enormous square on the site of a first-century athletics stadium built by the emperor Domitian, and famous for its statues by Bernini.

  7. Palatine Hill

    The hill on which the city was – both mythically and archeologically – founded. Home to emperors and elites for centuries.

  8. Europa Conference League Final

    Roma played against Feyenoord in the final of the Europa Conference League. They won 1-0, and earned their first silverware in 14 years – and the first proper European silverware in their history.

  9. Trajan’s Column

    Triumphal column, erected in c. 113 AD by the Emperor Trajan to commemorate his victory in the Dacian Wars. The letter-forms of its inscription inspired the modern typeface Trajan.

  10. Piazzale Caffarelli

    Quiet terrace looking out over the domes towards St. Peter’s Basilica.

  11. Jewish Quarter

    Formerly the Jewish Ghetto, the home of much pain and suffering over the centuries, but still the bustling heart of Jewish Rome and in particular its cuisine.

  12. Fast and Furious

    Filming for the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious film series took place in Rome in May 2022.

  13. Trastevere

    Its name meaning “across the Tiber”, this right-bank district is home to restaurants, artists’ studios, and increasing gentrification.

  14. Testaccio

    An up-and-coming area centred on the strange Monte Testaccio, an ancient, artificial mountain made of shards of broken pottery, and the Mattatoio, once a slaughterhouse but now an arts district and home to the architecture faculty of the Università Roma Tre.

  15. Viminal Palace

    Government building that houses the Ministry of the Interior; was once the home of the Italian Prime Minister.

  16. Villa Borghese

    Landscaped gardens surrounding a 17th-century villa, once the home of the cardinal and art collector Scipione Borghese, now an art gallery.

  17. Termini station

    Rome’s main railway station and public transport interchange.

  18. Spanish Steps

    Steps leading up to the Trinità dei Monti church.

  19. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

    A large, lush, green square near Termini station. The area around it is home to a vibrant and bustling multicultural community.

  20. Piazza del Popolo

    Enormous square to the north of the city centre, centred on a gigantic Egyptian obelisk and for centuries the site of Rome’s public executions.

  21. Monti

    The first rione of Rome; an upscale district of restaurants, bars, and artisanal workshops.

  22. Basilica di Santa Prassede

    8th-century church named for Saint Práxedes who was martyred, along with her sister Saint Pudentiana, in the second century.

  23. Lateran Palace

    Located on the Caelian Hill, the Lateran Palace occupies a site that was home to ancient palaces. It became the residence of the pope from the fourth century until it was destroyed by fire in the 14th century. When the popes returned from Avignon to Rome, they ultimately settled in the Vatican rather than the Lateran Palace, but the Lateran was rebuilt in sumptuous style in the 16th century, and it’s this building that remains.

  24. Trevi Fountain

    The icon of Rome, made famous in Roman Holiday, Three Coins in the Fountain, and perhaps most famously of all, La Dolce Vita.

  25. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

    One of the four Major Papal Basilicas and one of the seven pilgrim churches of Rome, the building has been extended significantly but still retains its fifth-century core.

  26. Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola in Campo Marzio

    Originally the church attached to the Jesuit Collegio Romano, this grand church features incredible trompe l’oeil ceiling frescoes painted by Andrea Pozzo.

  27. Pantheon

    Nearly two thousand years old, this Roman temple was consecrated a Christian church in the 7th century and is famous for its enormous dome, a marvel of ancient civil engineering.

  28. LUCIANO Cucina Italiana

    A restaurant in the Parione rione, world-famous for its modern take on carbonara.

  29. Forum

    In ancient times a marketplace, now a sprawling collection of ruins and artefacts that preserve life in ancient Rome.

  30. Fatamorgana

    Legendary gelato shop.

  31. Colosseum

    The largest and most famous ancient amphitheatre in the world, built by three successive emperors of the Flavian dynasty and home to gladiatorial combat and mass entertainment.

  32. Chiesa del Gesù

    The home church of the Jesuit order, completed in 1580 and featuring perhaps the first baroque façade in the world.

  33. Capitoline Hill

    One of the seven hills of Rome, and home to an elegant piazza laid out by Michelangelo.

  34. Altare della Patria

    Colossal and divisive marble monument at the edge of the Roman forum, built between 1885 and 1935 in honour of Vitorio Emmanuele II and the risorgimento.

  35. Stadio Olimpico

    Stadium, built in 1953, that’s home to AS Roma and their hated rivals SS Lazio – as well as concerts and rugby.